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Why Invest In A Home Generator?

When it comes to generators, most people think of hurricanes and devastation with wide spread power outages.  But the truth is, events like that just don’t happen that often.  So why invest in a whole home generator?

In short: Our aging power grid.Home Power Family Time Web

The towers and lines that carry our electricity are in dire need of an overhaul.  Most of the structures still in place today are original.  They were built to last 40-50 years and now average 42 years old.   The term grid alludes to a consistent system; however, the truth more closely resembles a patch work quilt of out of date technology thrown together to keep up with growth.   A severe  lack of investment in maintenance over the decades is beginning to show as our population grows and creates a surge in the demand for power.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, ” Closing the electricity investment gap would lead to fewer brownouts and blackouts and save US businesses $126 billion, prevent the loss of 529,000 jobs and $656 billion in personal income losses for American families.”

In 2011 San Diego CA suffered a major blackout that closed schools and businesses, gridlocked traffic and cancelled flights. Ultimately the cause was tracked back to a fault in the line that connects Arizona and California.  Out dated, inefficient technology makes up most of our system, and unless something drastic is done we could be headed to follow in the footsteps of India.

In 2012, India suffered a catastrophic power outage that left over 600 million people without power.  The outage was the result of aging coal plants, not unlike our own, that shut down unexpectedly.  The combination of an aging infrastructure, a surge in demand and a resistance against nuclear plants has created a perfect storm for brown outs, black outs and mass power outages.

So why invest in a home generator?  One word. Insurance.   Insurance against the growing  fragility of our power supply.  Insurance to protect your family.

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