Natural Gas Generator Rentals Now Available

In the remote shale plays across the country, prime power natural gas generators are a vital lifeline where utility power is just not an option. Traditional diesel-powered generators can be costly to operate, which is why Total Energy Solutions is now offering Prime Power Natural Gas generator rentals ranging from 20kW to 350kW.

Exco, a natural gas and oil company engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development, and production of onshore natural gas and oil across south Texas, east Texas and north Louisiana, have realized the benefit of prime power natural gas generator rentals. We were able to provide rental generators across their entire territory for the cooling of gas coming from the wells as well as the operation of various pumps to help them increase the efficiency of each well site. Once the gas in the well is cooled, we helped them relocated the rental generator to the next well site, eliminating the need to purchase expensive generators for short-term needs.

Natural Gas generators offer benefits diesel powdered units cannot, including:

  • Less downtime due to refueling
  • More reliable than diesel
  • No fuel spills which can bring big EPA fines
  • No EPA permits required in most areas
  • Can run off of wellhead gas
  • Less travel to the site
  • Gas is a cleaner burning fuel which is “greener” for the environment

Our natural gas generator rental fleet comes complete with the five-star customer service you have come to expect from Total Energy Solutions. All of our rental equipment receives our 21 point inspection and is available 24/7 ready to be dispatched to your site.

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