Oilfield Microgrid Power Generation Solutions

Oilfield Microgrid Power Generation


Power availability and reliability is a major concern for oilfield companies. In the remote shale plays across Texas if utility power is available, it is often unreliable. Oilfield Microgrids offer an affordable, reliable power supply solution for remote locations.  What’s more, Microgrid solutions are available with NO CAPITAL development costs.

No Capital Cost Microgrid Solutions

Total Energy Solutions can design a microgrid for your exact needs. Our microgrid power plants take natural gas generators, state of the art portable power distribution equipment and battery storage to deliver flexible, reliable, high quality power where you need it most all at a competitive rate comparable to grid connected utility power.

Fuel Source Options

The beauty of using natural gas generators in the oilfield is that your fuel source is right where you are. Our natural gas generators take the flare gas byproduct from the wellhead and puts it to use generating electrical power for your well site.

oilfield microgrid power generation power plants

Benefits of Microgrid Power Plants:

  • Reduce Costs – Reduce exposure to peak rural power charges.
  • Availability – Little to no fuel costs, use wellhead gas.
  • No capital expenditure.
  • Scalability – Modular design allows for easy expansion.
  • Competitive rate compared to utility power per kWh.

What We Provide:

  • Power Needs Study
  • Permitting
  • Class A Compliant Design
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Balancing and Compliance

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