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Total Energy Solutions Sees Opportunity in Texas Power Crisis

There is a growing power issue in Texas; sometimes there just isn’t enough to go around. Hot summers, a growing population, and recently uncommonly cold temperatures, mean that the demand for power is increasing.

In January this year, two power plants went down unexpectedly just as a cold front pushed temperatures well below freezing overnight across Texas and sent Houston-area temperatures to a low of 28 degrees. That spurred demand for electricity to rise to 55,486 megawatts, about 11,700 megawatts short of last year’s peak demand, which occurred in August. The increase in demand and decrease in supply caused rolling blackouts in various parts of Texas.

This is where Total Energy Solutions saw an opportunity for their clients with standby generators.

In Texas, there are Net Metering programs where companies with standby generators of certain sizes that are not in use can connect them to the power grid and sell power back to the energy companies.

“When we first found out about this program, we immediately thought of how this fit our clients’ needs.” said Mark Mire Co-Owner of Total Energy Solutions. “The core of our business philosophy is customer service, so if we can find ways like the Net Metering program to help our clients, even if we are not necessarily selling more products to them, we’ll do it everytime.”

The program creates a win-win for both the energy companies who struggle to meet increasing energy demands and for Total Energy Solutions clients’ by creating an additional revenue stream that can help offset the cost of their generator equipment.
“Many of our clients have standby generators as a backup means of power in order to maintain their operations during power outages.” explained Mire. “This means that their generators are not in use for periods of time when they could be generating revenue.”

For more information about Net Metering programs in your area, contact Total Energy Solutions today.

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