Well Head Gas Generators

There are 26 shale plays currently working in the United States and all of them have one thing in common;  the need for power in remote areas.  Most shale plays are located miles from utility power, making plugging in tools and equipment no easy task.  Diesel generators have been providing this critical power to shale plays for a long time; however they have their draw backs.  The largest problem with diesel generators is that they need diesel fuel to generate power.  Finding a dependable source of diesel fuel and trucking it to remote locations can be an arduous and expensive task not to mention the cost and EPA fines associated with spills when they occur, but there is a solution.

With over 500 well head gas generators currently in operation, Total Energy Solutions is one of the first companies in the US to rent natural gas generators that run off of well head gas.  Among these units are prime powered units running 24/7 providing critical power to Bakken, Eagleford, Permian Basin and Haynesville shales.  Our shale play clients depend on their generators day in and day out, so break downs are not an option.  Some of these generators have well over 25,000 hours in the field, but run like a charm due to our vigorous preventative maintenance plan.

Total Energy Solutions has full time service technicians, strategically stationed around the shale plays, who’s sole responsibility is the maintenance of our well head gas generator fleet.  Prime powered generators typically require service every 250-750 hours depending on the size of the unit.  In order to extend the 250 hour machines to 750 hours, and reduce maintenance interruptions for our clients, we developed a special filtration system and added an oil day tank to these units.

These innovations and out of the box thinking, coupled with our exceptional customer service are what keep Total Energy Solutions well “a” head of the competition.

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