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Due to ever-increasing demand for power in Texas, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) implemented an Emergency Response Service Program which allows companies who own backup generators to tie them into the electric grid and get paid for their power during power emergencies.

According to their website:

“ERCOT procures Emergency Response Service (ERS) by selecting qualified loads generators (including aggregations of loads and generators) to make themselves available for deployment in an electric grid emergency. ERS is a valuable emergency service designed to decrease the likelihood of the need for firm load shedding, a.k.a, rolling blackouts.”

At our Pearland TX location, we have a client who owns 8 2mW diesel generators to provide backup emergency power for their operations. Most of the year, they sit waiting in the wings ready to be deployed. The ERCOT ERS Program has allowed our client to put these machines to work and earn income.

Here, you can see seven of the generators at a secured facility complete with transformers connecting them to the power grid. In the event of an ERCOT emergency, Total Energy Solutions starts the generators for our client and maintains them as needed, then shuts them down once the emergency has passed.

For more information about how you can put your equipment to work contact us or call 866-996-3753.