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Turnkey Battery Energy Storage Systems

Secure your energy future with scalable storage solutions.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are at the forefront of transforming energy management and efficiency across industries. At Total Energy Solutions, we specialize in integrating these systems into your existing infrastructure, providing a reliable, flexible, and sustainable energy storage solution that enhances grid stability, reduces energy costs, and increases the use of renewable energy sources.

Customize per Solution

Why Total Energy Solutions?


Customer-Oriented Approach

Every client has unique needs and challenges. We listen to your requirements, adapt our strategies, and deliver a system that fits your specific energy profile, ensuring your total satisfaction.

Safety Standards

We uphold the highest standards of safety. Each project undergoes rigorous checks and balances to ensure installations are safe and sustainable, safeguarding your facilities and personnel.

Expert Team

Our seasoned experts bring years of experience in designing and installing complex energy storage systems. With Total Energy Solutions, you get a partner who understands the intricacies of battery storage and delivers solutions that are effective, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

Fast and Efficient

Time is money. We streamline our installation processes to minimize disruption and downtime, ensuring your BESS is up and running quickly, without sacrificing quality or operational excellence.

Turnkey Solutions for Every Need

From initial design through installation and ongoing maintenance, our turnkey solutions cover every aspect of integrating battery energy storage into your system. Whether you’re looking to bolster renewable integration, improve power quality, or enhance resilience against power outages, our comprehensive service ensures a seamless transition to more advanced energy solutions.

Ready to Secure Uninterrupted Power?

Embrace the future of energy. Our battery storage solutions offer more than just backup power; they are a pivotal part of a strategic approach to energy management, providing significant cost savings and improved energy efficiency. Whether you’re enhancing resilience, optimizing renewable energy use, or preparing for growth, we’re here to help.

Turnkey Solutions

Powering Your Success from Installation to Innovation

Generator Installation

Generator Installation

Seamless Setup for Optimal Power Flow

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Microgrid Power Solutions

Microgrid Power Solutions

Localized Energy for Reliable Independence

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Quick Power Restoration for Swift Recovery

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Battery Energy Storage Solution

Battery Energy Storage Solution

Storing Power, Securing Futures

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Keeping Your Operations Powered, Without Pause

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Emergency Response Service Program

Emergency Response Service Program

Immediate Support for Critical Power Needs

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The Future of Energy Solutions: Battery Energy Storage Systems

With unpredictable energy costs, unreliable power grids, and increasing dependence on renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, the need for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions has never been greater. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) provide you with reliable backup power, help stabilize the grid, and allow for better integration of renewable energy sources. These complete storage battery systems are designed to store electrical energy using batteries and later discharge it as needed. Commonly used to provide grid services such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, and renewable energy integration, battery energy storage systems can also serve as backup power sources and support various other functions in utility, commercial, and residential settings. At Total Energy Solutions, you can find a range of battery energy storage systems and solutions to meet your needs. If you are looking for a specific solution or want to get a quote, contact us

Amerlight Battery Energy Storage Systems

Amerlight’s Battery Energy Storage Systems offer a complete energy storage and management solution for backup power, renewable integration, peak shifting, voltage support, frequency regulation and more. If you are interested in investing in large scale battery energy storage, a system can be designed specifically to meet your requirements.
  • LiPo4 battery cells – Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells deliver the maximum cycle times largescale battery energy storage systems demand.
  • Energy storage modules, each with its own battery management system for battery cell performance and durability optimization. These energy storage modules deliver more energy at a lower cost.
  • Bi-directional FlexPulse™  Hybrid Battery with Super Capacitor – Offering the most flexible and powerful storage and stability system available, the ESS provides rapid deployment to fix voltage sag, peak demand, and frequency problems.
  • Complete system package includes engineering, software, and installation.

SimpliPhi Power Storage Battery Systems & Solutions

Total Energy Solutions offers energy storage battery systems and solutions including some of the best storage batteries for solar, wind, power grids and more as well as fully integrated energy storage and management solutions by manufacturer SimpliPhi Power, a Briggs & Stratton company.

Fully Integrated Energy Storage & Management Solutions

The advanced, safety certified energy storage systems manufactured by SimpliPhi Power provide a fully integrated, pre-programmed electricity storage and management solution for reliable access to power 24/7, in addition to lower utility bills and peace of mind. Systems are available for commercial, residential, military and emergency response applications. Standard Features:
  • Offers power resilience on/ off the grid, energy security, and energy cost savings.
  • Supports multiple power generation sources including solar, grid and generators.
  • Advanced LFP batteries with a 10,000 cycle / 10-year warranty.
  • Internal transfer switch automatically disconnects from the grid during power outages and provides standby power for critical circuits.
  • 98% round-trip efficiency (percentage of power put into storage that is later retrieved).
  • No cobalt , thermal regulation, cooling, or fire risk.
  • Solar MPPT for DC-coupled or off-grid installations (included with AccESS™ with AmpliPHI™ and AccESS™ with PHI™
  • Remote monitoring using mobile device app or web browser.
  • Extended operating temperature.
  • Outdoor rated enclosure, free standing or pad mounted.
Download AccESS™  Specification Sheets by model for additional features and specifications.
  • AccESS™ AmpliPHI™

  • AccESS™ PHI™ 15.2kWh, 19kWh system

  • AccESS™ PHI™ 22.8kWh system

  • AccESS™ PHI™ with Schneider equipment

Additional SimpliPhi Power Storage Battery Solutions

In addition to the systems above, Total Energy Solutions offers SimpliPhi Power storage battery systems and solutions including:

  • NEMA 3R-rated weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solutions that hold 6 or 12 batteries to expand your energy storage.
  • A line of portable, rechargeable battery-powered generators that store electricity from any power source – grid, solar, wind – for use when AC power is not available, such as power outages or off grid.
  • Power storage batteries

Contact us to learn more about battery storage solutions at Total Energy and get the solution you need.

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Custom Energy Solutions for Diverse Industries.

Success Stories

Hear directly from our satisfied clients. Discover how our innovative power solutions are driving success across industries.

After a severe storm knocked out our power, the responsiveness and expertise of the team at Total Energy Solutions were nothing short of lifesaving. Despite the widespread outages affecting over 400,000 people in the Houston area, they swiftly got us up and running. Their prompt and efficient service not only restored power but also peace of mind, especially crucial for the well-being of my 89-year-old mother living with us. I’m profoundly grateful for their exceptional support during such a critical time. – Tom McCaffrey, Satisfied Customer
Total Energy Solutions not only responded quickly to our immediate need but also skillfully managed the installation of a permanent solution that has fortified our dealership against future power disruptions. – Price Leblanc, Owner, Lexus of New Orleans
With over 30 years in the Telecommunications industry, I have yet to encounter an organization as committed as Total Energy Solutions to maintaining our emergency backup power systems. Their professionalism at every level ensures our operations are supported 24/7/365. They stand out as true experts in their field. – Network Manager, Nationwide Wireless Provider

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