Generator Installation

Total Energy Solutions offers turnkey installation for all types of generators.  We install diesel, propane, and natural gas generators for homes and businesses. Whether you are replacing an existing generator, or installing a new generator, we can handle all the details.

Installing a generator is not a task for the average do-it-yourselfer.  Each generator installation is unique with many possible pitfalls and dangers. In most cases, you will need to pull permits with your city building and codes department.  In most cities, a licensed electrician or contractor must pull the permit.  They may also ask to see detailed drawings and / or a description of the project. Installing a generator isn’t a simple plug and play job.  Each brand and model of generator has its own requirements for installation.  Going against these requirements can lead to voided warranties and even fires. Whenever electrical work or natural gas plumbing is involved, it’s best to call the pros.

Generator Installation Process

  • Install the electrical sub-panel with automatic transfer switch beside the main electrical panel.
  • Redirect critical circuits from the main panel to the sub-panel.
  • Prepare a level concrete base for the generator to sit on if the generator does not come with a built-in base.  Make sure the base is the correct distance from the building and adheres to your city codes.
  • Set the generator on the base.
  • Run a new natural gas line and trace the wire from the generator to the gas meter; connect the gas line to the meter.
  • Pull electrical cable from the generator to the Automatic Transfer Switch.
  • Make the gas and electrical connections to the rear of the generator.
  • Start up the generator according to the manufacturers’ instructions.  Be careful not to void your generator warranty.
How To Choose The Right Generator For Your Facility
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