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Generator Rentals

Total Energy Solutions offers a wide range of natural gas generator rentals ranging in size from 50 kW to 1475 kW with some diesel models available.

Natural gas generator rentals offer a reliable, cost effective way for many applications in areas that do not have grid power available. These engines can run off of fuel sources that are bi-products of drilling such as well head gas or flare gas. To ensure run time, they are equipped to automatically switch to fuels such as liquid propane in the event that these gases are not available or inconsistent. These features allow your operation to cut costly fuel drops as well as lowering harmful diesel fuel emissions into the environment. This also alleviates the potential for fuel spills that can cost countless dollars to clean up and has had the EPA concerned about for years.

Rental Generators Maintained Throughout Your Rental

The service of these generators is our number one priority. We have over 30 factory trained technicians on call 24/7/365 days a year so that we can ensure quality service and maintenance that will keep your operation running consistently.

All generators go through a comprehensive evaluation and testing before and after they are put on site. Once in the field, we follow a strict maintenance schedule to ensure they continue running at optimum levels. To show the success of this program, we evaluate our whole fleet through our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Protocol which shows Total Energy Solutions generators having a run-time of 99.7%.The industry standard is 98%.

These are just a few reasons Total Energy Solutions is one of the leading natural gas rental companies in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Louisiana. Currently we partner with several major oil and gas companies in these regions. We are currently partnering with Halliburton to package our generators with every ESP that does not have utility power.

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