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The Boiling Point Restaurant Generators

Project Description

Standby generators are like an insurance policy, you hope you never need it, and most days you don’t; however, as was the case with The Boiling Point restaurant in New Iberia, LA you never know when you will.

In 2014, The Boiling Point’s owner, Donovan Romero purchased a 125 kW generator to help protect him from the loss of $1000’s in food costs and lost revenue should a power outage occur, even though the past few hurricane seasons had been relatively quiet.

As fate would have it, the day following the installation of his generator, he lost power with a restaurant full of customers, not due to a hurricane, but due to an undetermined power supply issue.  As he recalled,

“The power went out, and not ten seconds later, the generator kicked on and we were back in business.”

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