How to Minimize Operating Costs by Utilizing Gas Scrubbers

How to Minimize Operating Costs by Utilizing Gas Scrubbers

Facility managers have two goals in mind when running their operations: putting safety first and keeping operational costs low to keep their margins high. With these things in mind, managers are always looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs, but still keep operations running efficiently and safely. Cutting costs sometimes means reducing efficiency, but top oil and gas companies are taking advantage of natural gas scrubbers to lower costs without sacrificing efficiency.

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Gas Max Gas Scrubbers

Aside from repairs and preventative maintenance, probably the costliest part of maintaining a generator is refueling. Whether natural gas or diesel, buying fuel for your generator begins to add up on your expense reports especially when your generators are used in prime power situations.  Many oil well sites require prime power generators because there is no utility power in their remote locations, leaving them no choice but to turn to costly diesel refueling. However, there is a way for oil companies to reduce fuel expenses. Oil and gas companies are turning to gas scrubbing to help them save on their generator fuel costs.

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What is Fuel Polishing?

Emergency generators are perhaps the single best way to be prepared for any situation. Should something happen to cause you to lose power, your peace of mind comes from knowing you have a generator on standby. But what many people aren’t aware of is that there’s one big factor that can affect the performance of your generator and put it out of commission when you need it most. That one thing is contaminated fuel.

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