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Powering Through Adversity: Total Energy Solutions at Lexus of New Orleans

Lexus of New Orleans, a premier dealership known for luxury and quality, faced an unprecedented challenge when Hurricane Ida struck. In the wake of the storm, the dealership experienced a total power outage lasting two weeks—a situation that could have severely impacted business operations and customer service. This case study explores how Total Energy Solutions (TES) swiftly provided both immediate and long-term backup power solutions, ensuring the dealership remained operational and continued to deliver excellence to its customers.

Understanding the Challenge

During Hurricane Ida, Lexus of New Orleans lost all electrical power, posing severe risks not only to ongoing business operations but also to inventory and infrastructure. In the critical aftermath, the need for a reliable and robust power solution was immediately evident to prevent future disruptions and protect the dealership’s interests.

Strategic Solutions for Uninterrupted Operations

Total Energy Solutions responded to the dealership’s emergency with a 500kw rental generator, promptly restoring power and allowing business to continue without further interruption. Recognizing the need for a more permanent solution, Mr. Price Leblanc, the owner of the dealership, requested a full assessment of their power needs.

Total Energy Solutions provided a comprehensive turnkey project that included:

  • 500kw Gillette Diesel Generator: Offering robust and reliable power sufficient to cover the entire dealership’s needs.

  • 1600Amp Asco ATS: An automatic transfer switch that ensures seamless transition of power sources with zero interruption to operations.

  • 72-hour Fuel Tank: Ensuring extended operation without the need for immediate refueling, crucial during extended outages.

The installation process itself was critical and required precise execution. Total Energy Solutions managed a week-long cutover involving complete rewiring of the main feed. During this period, a rental generator was used to maintain power, ensuring no operational downtime.

Results and Impact

The project was executed flawlessly, and Lexus of New Orleans now benefits from a state-of-the-art backup power system that guarantees operational continuity under any circumstances. The dealership was able to maintain customer service and operations throughout the installation and subsequent power outages.

Customer Reflections

 “Total Energy Solutions not only provided immediate emergency response but also equipped us with a resilient power system tailored to our long-term needs,” said Mr. Price Leblanc. “Their expertise and efficient handling of the situation were instrumental in protecting our assets and serving our customers without a hitch.”

Ensuring Future Resilience

The recent storm in Houston highlighted the critical role reliable power solutions play in business continuity. For Lexus of New Orleans, the partnership with Total Energy Solutions has set a new standard in operational resilience, providing peace of mind and the ability to withstand future challenges.


The case of Lexus of New Orleans is a testament to how proactive measures and strategic planning can significantly mitigate potential disruptions. Total Energy Solutions remains committed to delivering tailored, robust, and reliable energy solutions that empower businesses to thrive, even in the face of adversity.

For more information on safeguarding your business against power outages and enhancing operational resilience, contact Total Energy Solutions. We are your partners in ensuring that your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted, whatever the weather.