Power Outage Business Continuity Plan

If your company does not have a business continuity plan for a power outage, make it a priority now. Do not wait until a storm approaches or a grid warning is issued. Demand during these times is high, and available generators for sale or rent quickly become much harder to find.

With advanced planning and preparation, your business can continue operating without interruption when a power outage does occur. Total Energy Solutions provides solutions to make that possible.

We make business continuity planning for all size businesses, small to large, easy, and affordable. Contact us now.

Emergency Generator Storage & Deployment Program for Businesses

For small businesses, a single large backup generator could be all that is needed for business continuity, but your company may require multiple generators. If so, Total Energy Solutions’ Emergency Generator Storage and Deployment Program provides a better, more affordable solution. This program allows you to protect multiple facilities with fewer generators, reducing the cost of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

We store your mobile generators at one of our secure service centers, where we perform routine maintenance year-round to ensure that all your generators are ready when they are needed. Our storage locations are protected around the clock by a state of the art security system which is monitored off-site via video surveillance.

Perhaps the best part of this program is that in the case of an emergency all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. We handle the preparation, logistics, installation, connection, refueling and maintenance of getting your generators where you need them. Plus, with Quick Connect Docking Panels™ installed at each of your locations, we can save you even more time and money.

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