Fuel Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Your generator is only as good as the fuel flowing through it and the quality of your fuel is only as good as your fuel maintenance plan. Fuel cleaning and maintenance is crucial for your generator to not only perform optimally, but it can be a deciding factor if your generator starts when you need it. Fuel testing, maintenance, and documentation are required to keep your generator up and running. Proper fuel maintenance ensures your generator is ready at all times while also prolonging the life of your generator substantially.

An additional and integral part of TES’ generator maintenance services is our fuel cleaning services. Changes in fuel quality, stability, and contamination occur naturally, so it’s important to regularly evaluate the state of your equipment’s fuel. It’s been proven that fuel can become naturally contaminated in as little as 28 days after leaving the refinery. Weather, location, transportation, and storage all can adversely affect fuel. These are all factors that warrant frequent and adequate fuel management which means regularly testing and cleaning your equipment’s fuel.

TES’ fuel cleaning services ensure your fuel maintains the highest quality possible to optimally power your generator when you need it. TES offers the following fuel services:

Fuel Testing

We take samples of your fuel for on-site testing and also in-depth lab testing. Tests include particle counting and bacteria/fungus testing. For every customer, the first step in our process involves sampling and testing your fuel supply. This allows us to tailor a custom solution that addresses whatever specific challenges you may face.

Empty Tank Cleaning

We make sure your entire fuel supply chain is clean. That’s why our fuel cleaning services include cleaning your fuel storage tank. We’ll clean your empty tank to remove any accumulated waste byproducts that may have settled at the bottom of your tank, ensuring it’s ready to house new fuel without any contamination.

Full Tank Cleaning

When fuel sits idle, it’s vulnerable to contamination. That’s why our fuel cleaning service includes polishing your fuel when you have a full tank of fuel that has been sitting for an extended period of time. We perform regular on-site polishing with every maintenance call. The polishing process removes the additional particulate contamination and moisture accumulation that naturally occurs over time.

Fuel Treatment

We treat the diesel in your tank with proprietary additive blends designed to maximize the amount of time you can expect your stored diesel to comply with industry standards.

Tank Quality Management

We perform yearly fuel and tank quality management. Even though each customer’s needs may be different, we know that all of our customers expect zero downtime. That’s why we manage each customer’s fuel proactively rather than reactively.

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