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When it comes to generator sales, you’ve come to the right place. Total Energy Solutions is the full service, turnkey generator company of choice for both home owners and businesses in Louisiana, Texas and beyond.

In the past, customers along the Gulf Coast have relied on rental companies to provide generators to keep their companies operating in the event of a power outage. However, in recent years, due to hurricanes, weather related outages, and more frequent brown outs and black outs due to the aging of our power grid, rental generators have become more and more difficult to find in an emergency due to an increase in demand. Our increasing reliance on technology, computers and mobile devices makes power a necessity for all businesses to function.

This is why many companies, hospitals, banks, data centers and local government offices are now looking for other alternatives to rental generators. In fact, recent studies have shown that more people are buying equipment as opposed to renting it to ensure that they have equipment available for critical loads and uses, particularly during storm season, as well as their day-to-day needs.

Our Generator Sales

Total Energy Solutions offers generators for sale ranging in sizes from 5kW – 3500kW from a wide selection of trusted, national brands. We even carry generators under our own Total Energy Solutions brand that come with our own level of quality assurance and guarantee.

From portable, standby, self-contained, prime power, peak-shaving, gasoline-powered, LP, natural gas or diesel, generator docking stations, premium power cable or surge protection devices, Total Energy Solutions is your one-stop-shop for addressing any power requirement or generator support service. We are happy to advise for needs ranging from residential whole home generators to commercial generators for any business to heavy duty for plants, hospitals and more.

The Perfect Power Partner

  • Storm Switches
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Cleaning Systems
  • Custom Trailers
  • Portable Power Distribution Equipment
  • Cables and Cam Locks
  • Generator Docking Stations

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