Why Buy Commercial Generators for Your Business

Commercial generators are a wise investment for any size business regardless of your industry.  Restaurants and grocery stores need power to refrigerate their perishable food items.  Automotive repair shops, manufacturing plants, factories, banks and gas stations need power to operate their equipment. When there is a power outage, businesses large and small suffer.

No Power = No Revenue

  • Credit card machines don’t work, so transactions cannot be completed.
  • Computer systems go offline, halting operations and shipments.
  • Production lines grind to a halt decreasing productivity.
  • Coolers and freezers stop working, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of lost inventory for restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores.
  • Security systems fail, leaving your business vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Commercial Generator Sales & Installation Specialists

Total Energy Solutions offers commercial generators for sale to help businesses of all sizes, large to small, guard against these risks. We also provide expert Generator Installation in Texas and Louisiana

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety recommends that:

“Generators are an integral part of the preparedness planning process for businesses of every size and can greatly reduce business disruption when normal power is interrupted.”

Our partnerships with leading generator manufacturers allow Total Energy Solutions to offer you the right solution for your unique needs. Our experienced commercial generator sales consultants will work with you to determine what your exact needs are and develop a customized plan just for you. From the initial plan to choosing the right generator and accessories such as transfer switch and power distribution products, to installation, service plans, and multi-unit storage and logistics programs, we can help you with your commercial generator needs.

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