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Introducing the KD Series from KOHLER

KOHLER is always setting the standard with innovation and quality with their generators and engines. The KD Series is no exception. It is the newest line of generators powered with advanced Kohler diesel engines. KOHLER recently unveiled the KD Series, the newest line of generators powered with their advanced KOHLER diesel engines.

KOHLER went through six years of research and development to create their new product. During this time, each component was designed and tested in their laboratories to offer the best performance while maintaining the highest industry standards. The series’ unprecedented power density makes this new line ideal for needs which are constantly more demanding. With a wide range of powers, they are ideal for every industrial power segment use.

As a global leader in the power market, KOHLER has brought their many years of power generator experience into the development of these engines, making the KOHLER engine ideal for power generation. Equipped with their own latest-generation engines, the KD series generator sets provide reliable solutions, characterized by low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and unequaled compactness for a wide range of applications.

KOHLER’s G-Drive engine’s architecture, injection system, and engine management have been designed and created to achieve optimal generator set performance. G-Drive diesel engines offer outstanding specific power in a clean, modular design. Created specifically for generator set applications, these new engines combine greater power with superior efficiency. Reaching up to 43.5 kW/liter, KOHLER G-Drive engines pair a compact form factor with unrivaled kW displacement, delivering some of the highest power density on the market.

Each component was designed and tested in KOHLER’s laboratories over the 6 years of research and development to offer the best performance while maintaining the highest industry standards as KOHLER has always prided themselves at doing.

Rail Fuel System

The system generates up to 2200-bar injection pressures for maximum efficiency. This helps to optimize the combustion pressure curve through multiple injections, producing industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while also delivering top-of-the-line fuel consumption.

VPN Connection

All KD series generators come packed with integrated controls for seamless communication. The KD series proudly offers remote monitoring through a VPN connection. KD series generators run optimally and are easy to maintain with easy-access bearing lube points, coolant level optical gauges on both circuits and oil replenishment systems.


Matched specifically to each engine, turbochargers are designed to provide the optimal quantity of air to reach maximum power and reduce fuel consumption.

Engine Control Unit

The engine control unit controls all functions of the engine, granting a perfect match of hardware and software. Using our diagnostic software KODIA, you can resolve issues quickly or even prevent them Leading to outstanding engine life.

Fuel System Pump

The high-pressure fuel pump reaches 2,200 bar pressure, enabling the common rail injection system to perform at the highest levels.

Oil Filtration

KOHLER oil filters are designed to protect the engine and support steady, long-lasting performance even under high-temperature fluctuations.

The KD series is best used in these environments:

  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Water Treatment
  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities

The KD series exceeds regulatory requirements in terms of safety and operating levels. Their conception optimizes the high-temperature performance up to 50°C. They also off sound enclosed units available that comply with all global standards.

When you buy KOHLER with Total Energy Solutions, you can be at peace knowing it’s backed by KOHLER’s premium warranty and paired with TES’ knowledgeable, factory-trained service technicians available to take care of your every need. TES also has Kohler Genuine Parts available, so you’ll always get the parts and service you need.