Westin-Galleria-Hotel Generators 200kW-Natural-Gas-Generator

Project Details

Project Name

Westin Galleria Hotel

Equipment Used

200kW Natural Gas Generator


Houston, TX

Project Description

Each of our clients are unique, and this project was no exception.  The Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston TX asked us to remove a 200kW generator and install a new 200kW natural gas unit, which is simple enough; however, the unit to be removed was on the roof of their 25 story building and the new unit was to be installed on the rooftop of their 6 story building.

So, we partnered up with a Houston crane company and coordinated the complex removal and installation of two machines each weighing approximately 12,000 lbs. This required a 60 Ton crane and a permit to close the street below for safety.  Police were present, as well as 4 spotters for added safety.  After re-routing the electrical connections from the 25th floor to the 6th floor we were ready to connect the new hotel generator and the Westin Galleria Hotel and their guests are now protected from power outages.