Standby Generators are Now a Must-Have for Hotels and Resorts

For a hotel, everything the guest experiences from the check-in process to the friendliness of the staff to the room and its amenities constitutes the total experience offered by the hotel. A good hotel’s promise should be the fulfillment of a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay. One element of service that shouldn’t be disregarded by hotels striving to be great is the ability to provide power to its paying customers, even during severe weather or a random blackout.

Leaders in the hospitality industry must prioritize the safety and comfort of their guests with an uninterrupted power supply. Guests expect hotel power will be functioning, regardless of natural disasters or other unforeseen electrical malfunctions. During unanticipated power outages, maintaining power is vital to serving your guests and maintaining the experience they pay for.

Why do hotels need standby generators?

From small hotels to large resorts, each has a high demand for continuous power, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. First and foremost, continuous power is a necessity for hotels due to the safety and well being of the hotel’s guests. Even smaller hotels can hold hundreds of people at a time. A power outage can put guests’ safety at jeopardy. What if there’s a fire and guests can’t be notified? What if the power goes out when guests are using the elevator? The safety of guests depends on hotels having standby power.

Westin-Galleria-Hotel-200kW-Natural-Gas-GeneratorAccording to NEC, there is a list of things that must have uninterrupted power at hotels, these include:

  • Fire pumps
  • Fire alarms
  • Card readers
  • Magnetic door holds
  • Elevators
  • Building emergency lighting
  • Data & communication system
  • Ventilation and smoke removal

Aside from mandatory safety features, consumers expect hotels to be safe havens whether they’re on vacation or taking shelter during a hurricane. It’s now expected for hotels to have power even when residential areas don’t. If a hotel can’t keep up with these expectations and fails to offer what is now considered the norm, they might not be able to keep up with competitors, because these are amenities consumers look for when booking a hotel.

It is imperative for hotel operators to have a reliable standby generator in place. To ensure your hotel can meet the new expectations of consumers, Total Energy Solutions is here to help you equip your hotel with a reliable generator. Whether it’s diesel or natural gas, we can pair your hotel with the perfect generator based on the size of your building and your customers’ needs. Not only can we equip you with the right generator, but we can also ensure that it is always ready to run at a moment’s notice with regular preventative maintenance and load bank testing performed by our very own generator technicians. Contact our sales team today to learn more about how we can help you provide the uninterrupted comfort that your guests expect.