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Gas Max Gas Scrubbers

Aside from repairs and preventative maintenance, probably the costliest part of maintaining a generator is refueling. Whether natural gas or diesel, buying fuel for your generator begins to add up on your expense reports especially when your generators are used in prime power situations.  Many oil well sites require prime power generators because there is no utility power in their remote locations, leaving them no choice but to turn to costly diesel refueling. However, there is a way for oil companies to reduce fuel expenses. Oil and gas companies are turning to gas scrubbing to help them save on their generator fuel costs.

GasMax scrubbers are built “oil-field tough” to handle the extreme environment of the oil field.

Gas scrubbers remove and collect traces of liquid from the natural gas byproduct produced during the oil extraction process so that it can be used as fuel. Removing this liquid and other contaminants from the gas stream are vital to protect the generator and downstream equipment from damage and failure. Unprocessed natural gas contains more than 5.7 milligrams of hydrogen sulfide per cubic meter.  If these contaminants are not removed, they can damage and corrode your natural gas generator engine and downstream equipment.  The cost to repair or replace this equipment can turn a profitable well into an unprofitable well overnight, so making sure you have a high-quality gas scrubber is vital.

Total Energy Solutions has partnered with Gas Max Filtration Solutions to provide high-quality natural gas scrubbers. GasMax scrubbers are built “oil-field tough” to handle the extreme environment of the oil field.  They are designed with the Genset operator in mind; robust, yet user-friendly.  Gas Max Fuel Scrubbers come in a variety of sizes, but all are Vertical ASME Two-Stage Fuel Filtration Vessels. The first stage is a 1- micron replaceable filter element with numerous micron element sizes to choose from if desired. The second stage is Gas Max’s fixed stainless-steel mist pad. The Gas Max inlet diverter plate helps separate liquids from solids and the 1-micron coalescing filter element catches all debris with a stainless steel mist pad that separates fine liquid particles. This allows them to fall into the large 1-gallon sump which dumps automatically.  The vessel utilizes a pneumatic liquid level float switch that uses e-posing magnetic technology. This technology triggers an automatic dump valve when liquids rise to a certain level. Another way Gas Max scrubbers separate themselves is with their secondary electric high liquid level float switch. For emergency use, the switch can be wired to the generator control panel to immediately shut the engine down if triggered.


Gas scrubbers are the last line of defense before the wellhead gas enters your generator. Be sure you choose a high-quality gas scrubber like Gas Max’s two-stage gas scrubber. For more information about gas scrubbers or natural gas generator rentals or sales, contact Total Energy Solutions.