Generator Engine Rebuilding

As suggested in our name, Total Energy Solutions is continually striving to provide SOLUTIONS to our customers concerns. Due to the Oil Boom, there are thousands of Natural Gas Generators that have been sold over the past 5-6 years which are approaching that age where they will start to need more than a typical maintenance or repair.

With that in mind, we set out to start rebuilding Natural Gas Engines for our customers whom we had previously been doing only Preventive Maintenance and Repairs.  As their Generators needed more than just components replaced, and the lack of companies offering the Rebuild Service they needed, we saw an opportunity to expand our offerings and create a SOLUTION to their problems.

We hired a team of experts from the engine rebuilding field from the likes of Caterpillar and Cummins and have spent the last year making sure we have every piece of equipment, every tool, and the correct inventory of parts to ensure a quick turnaround for your Natural Gas Engine Rebuild.

Depending on the condition of your engine, we can offer several different options to get you back up and running. These services include but are not limited to; Total Engine Rebuild, Top End Rebuild, and Engine Re-Ring. Total Energy Solutions can also repair or replace your generator ends if needed.

For more information, please contact:
Tom McCroskey 713-410-7864
Chad Elliston 832-904-9259

generator engine rebuilding natural gas engine rebuilding
Rebuild of a natural gas generator engine