How to Minimize Operating Costs by Utilizing Gas Scrubbers

Facility managers have two goals in mind when running their operations: putting safety first and keeping operational costs low to keep their margins high. With these things in mind, managers are always looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs, but still keep operations running efficiently and safely. Cutting costs sometimes means reducing efficiency, but top oil and gas companies are taking advantage of natural gas scrubbers to lower costs without sacrificing efficiency.

gasmax gas scrubbersMost fracking jobs are located in desolate areas that are usually far from city areas and access to the main power grid. This is especially true for the latest fracking boom in West Texas. Without access to the power grid, companies have to bring in fleets of generators to provide the power they need, so the importance of these generators cannot be overstated. This is why the use of natural gas generators and gas scrubbers have become popular amongst the successful oil and gas companies fracking in West Texas. These companies are able to make a much larger margin of return because they’re not buying diesel constantly to keep the power on. They’re fueling their generators for free by scrubbing natural gas.

Instead of burning-off natural gas emitted from wellheads and contributing emissions that harm the environment, gas scrubbers remove and collect traces of liquid from the natural gas byproduct.

The natural gas produced during the oil extraction process from wellheads can be used as fuel after scrubbing. It is vital to remove the liquid and other contaminants from the gas before using it as fuel to protect your on-site generator from being damaged by bad fuel and eventually failing.

Not only are gas scrubbers allowing facility managers to use the byproduct they were once throwing away, but they are also helping them lower their operating costs. Oil and gas companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on diesel fuel. To illustrate this spending even more, let’s see what it costs on average to fuel a diesel generator per year. According to Oil & Gas Product News, an average diesel generator commonly used at wellhead sites can consume between $15,000 to $18,000 worth of fuel in just one month. So over the course of a year, that adds up to $180,000. That’s $180,000 companies could be saving just by switching to a natural gas generator that is fueled with scrubbed gas from an on-site natural gas scrubber. These savings are helping fracking operations reduce their costs and increase their bottom lines.

To learn more about the capabilities of a natural gas generator pair with a gas scrubber and how your company can benefit, contact the generator experts at Total Energy Solutions.