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Nursing Home Generators

Project Description

Francois Bend Senior Living Center offers assistance to seniors who want to maintain independence, but need a little extra support. The Francois Bend team believes in being able to offer 24-hour nursing care, in-house physical therapy, and in-house medication. The facility strives to meet the needs of each resident, ensuring their health and safety. This commitment to their residents lead the staff at Francois Bend to reach out to Total Energy Solutions for help with an emergency power plan and solution.

Being located in Southern Louisiana, the Francois Bend facility is at risk of experiencing severe weather whenever hurricane season rolls around. Preparing for and dealing with a hurricane is already stressful. When the health and safety of seniors with complex health needs becomes part of the equation, that requires extensive strategic planning; something Total Energy Solutions was able to assist them with.

Nursing Home Generators Save Lives

Evacuating is a safe option for most people during hurricanes, but for seniors with health concerns, it’s more complicated. The stress of evacuating has been shown to cause a higher mortality and hospitalization rate for seniors. Even for healthier and younger individuals, evacuating is still a very stressful process. When evacuating, you have to prepare a shelter, food, and all other personal necessities that you require daily. For a capable person, this is stressful, but for a senior citizen in a nursing home facility, this is extremely overwhelming. There’s just so much more to account for when evacuating a senior citizen. So when considering their hurricane preparedness plan, Francois Bend knew they couldn’t risk having to evacuate their seniors for smaller storms just because their facility was at risk of losing power. The need for a powerful generator at their facility became obvious.

For any individual, dealing with a power outage is a burden. Simply losing air conditioning during the hottest months of the year due to a power outage is uncomfortable for anyone. For the elderly, it can go as far as endangering their lives depending on the senior’s condition. Also, most residents in senior living centers have machines or devices either supporting them or closely monitoring their vital signs. Such devices could include life support, feeding tubes, heart monitors, air tanks, and so on. Losing power means all these devices can’t function and they all require power. With all aspects considered, a power outage simply cannot happen at a senior living facility with dozens of seniors depending on power.

With the 2019 hurricane season approaching, Francois Bend Senior Living Facility knew that their facilities needed to be equipped with a generator powerful enough to keep the facility running like normal during an outage. The administrative staff at Francois Bend met with the generator experts at Total Energy Solutions to discuss generator options. While TES and Franois Bend were finalizing the details and confirming the installation date for the facility’s new generator, Tropical Storm Barry started brewing in the Gulf of Mexico with its path set on Louisiana. The need for a generator at Francois Bend then became urgent.

Getting The Job Done

With our commitment to providing service beyond all expectations, we were able to get all hands on deck in order to have Francois Bend’s 500kw generator installed and ready to operate the day before Tropical Storm Barry hit Louisiana head-on. TES made it a point to make the installation happen a week early to prepare Francois Bend to become a safe haven for its residents during Tropical Storm Barry. With the addition of our generator, the seniors and staff were able to stay at their facility during the storm while keeping the power on throughout the duration of the storm.

“Words cannot describe how wonderful this company is! Mr. Ron Grant and his team for the Geismer branch of Total Energy Solutions worked so hard to make sure Francois Bend would be prepared for the upcoming weather. Working with them has been so wonderful and we are so grateful for everything they did to ensure the safety of our residents. This organization backs up all that they claim to be. They truly care about their clients. At the Francois Bend Senior Living Center, we have been more than satisfied with the generator that TES helped us pick out and then installed.” – Megan Martinez Babin, Assistant Administrator at Francois Bend Senior Living Center

Francois Bend is now able to offer shelter and take in non-residents with the addition of their new standby generator, providing a safe and functional shelter for seniors who need assistance in times of urgent need. We are always happy and eager to do business with other businesses that are doing good for the community. Francois Bend Senior Living Center is an amazing facility that goes above and beyond with the care they provide for their residents. For help with emergency standby power for your assisted living facility, contact the generator experts at Total Energy Solutions.


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