Emergency Generators Dispatched For Hurricane

Emergency Generators Dispatched For Hurricane

Emergency Generators Dispatched For Hurricane

Project Details

Project Name

Hurricane Sandy Response

Equipment Used

(8) 2mW Diesel Generators


New Jersey

Project Description

When installing a generator at every facility is just not financially feasible, our storage and logistics programs are an economical and convenient solution. A leading pipeline company purchased (8) 2 MW diesel generators from us to protect their pipeline facilities that run from Texas to New Jersey. In the event of a power outage, Total Energy Solutions deploys these units to run the motors that are required to open and close the pipeline valves, preserving the flow of fuel across the United States.

The best part about our storage and logistics program is that we store and maintain these client owned generators at our facilities, ensuring that they are fully operational and ready to be deployed when needed. We also handle all of the logistics and deployment of these units should an emergency occur, as was the case in 2012.

Hurricane Sandy swept the entire eastern seaboard, inflicting the most damage on New Jersey and New York. Within 24 hours, we mobilized the generators belonging to a leading pipeline company along with our personnel to New Jersey, where we connected the generators to their facility which supplies fuel to an important local airport. We kept our technicians on site for three weeks to ensure that the generators were fully operational and then returned them to our facility for maintenance and storage for the next time they will be needed.