What is an Industrial Generator?

What is an Industrial Generator?

An industrial generator is much the same as any other power generator with regards to their purpose and how they work, but with a few notable differences.  When we use the word “industrial” we are usually looking for equipment that is rugged, dependable and designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial setting, such as a chemical plant, oil well site, or pipeline.  Industrial generators are no different.

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Standby Generators are Now a Must-Have for Hotels and Resorts

Standby Generators are Now a Must-Have for Hotels and Resorts

For a hotel, everything the guest experiences from the check-in process to the friendliness of the staff to the room and its amenities constitutes the total experience offered by the hotel. A good hotel’s promise should be the fulfillment of a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay. One element of service that shouldn’t be disregarded by hotels striving to be great is the ability to provide power to its paying customers, even during severe weather or a random blackout.

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How Can Generator Preventative Maintenance Increase Up-time at Your Facility?

Reducing downtime has always been one of the main priorities for many companies. For some companies, the only power source available for their operations is generators due to their remote location far from a power grid. Relying solely on generators for power can be stressful due to the threat of downtime that’s caused by a breakdown. However, all of that stress can be avoided by adopting a proactive and preventative maintenance plan. Total Energy Solutions’ maintenance services can help increase your overall up-time by reducing the chance of a breakdown with our regular, preventative maintenance plan.

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Why Do Grocery Stores Need Generators?

Grocery stores and supermarkets have become a one-stop-shop for most of the things you need on a daily basis. Many customers choose their supermarket based on how close and convenient it is to them when they need something. As consumers, we inadvertently become loyal to a grocery store over time, because it’s always there when we need it. We become familiar with it, so we know how to find what we need quickly. However, that loyalty can shift rather quickly when severe weather hits.

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What is Fuel Polishing?

Emergency generators are perhaps the single best way to be prepared for any situation. Should something happen to cause you to lose power, your peace of mind comes from knowing you have a generator on standby. But what many people aren’t aware of is that there’s one big factor that can affect the performance of your generator and put it out of commission when you need it most. That one thing is contaminated fuel.

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