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Emergency Preparedness

When The South Froze Over, We Helped Keep The Power On

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When you think of Texas and Louisiana, probably one of the last things you would associate them with is ice and snow. These southern states are predominantly warm and not really prepared to deal with an arctic storm, but if we’ve learned anything over the last year, anything is possible! This past week, a huge wave of ice and snow made its way down south, and the resulting increase in demand for electricity brought along mass power outages. This left many essential businesses like hospitals, grocery stores, and nursing homes as well as residents stranded without power. When their normal emergency power providers were unable to respond in their time of need, these customers called on Total Energy Solutions and our 24/7/365 promise of “Service Beyond All Expectations”.

Generators For Hospitals

Over the past week, in below-freezing temperatures with road closures and no utility power at our shops, we sent out generators to countless new customers who just could not depend on their regular generator company to be there when they needed them the most. Our large crew of technicians was ready to serve not only our existing customer base but those that had been let down also.  Among these was a free-standing Emergency Room in Angleton TX. With no power, they were unable to care for patients; however, within 24 hours of the call, Total Energy Solutions was able to locate and connect a portable generator and get the ER back up and running. “Our ER had no power and no working generator. Within 1 day of finding this out, TES located and delivered a generator to power the ENTIRE ER, so we were able to stay open and take care of our community.” Kelly Bradberry.

Emergency Backup Generators

With the hard freeze, pipes were starting to burst, cutting the water supply for many residents. So, people made their way to grocery stores and gas stations to gather water and other essential items to get them through. But in some cases, these stores were out of power as well and could not open to serve the public. So, once again we stepped in. When these stores could not reach their normal provider in a time of need, we were honored to provide the emergency backup generators they so badly needed. We knew it was crucial to help these stores keep their doors open to cater to the people of Texas and Louisiana when they needed supplies to make it through the next few days.

These extreme, freezing temperatures can be overwhelming for anyone. For seniors and medically compromised people, being without heat in this weather could be deadly. We knew it would be extremely important to be ready to provide emergency power for nursing home facilities and emergency healthcare facilities alike. Across both states, we brought in generators to keep their residents warm and safe during this deadly freeze. We were able to help multiple nursing homes that couldn’t get help or service from their normal emergency power providers. Several emergency healthcare facilities were also left without the help of their current emergency power providers. We helped re-open several facilities that had lost power and lost hope. Thankfully, we helped restore both.

As a company, we are extremely grateful to be able to work within our communities to provide for our neighbors when they need a helping hand. We are also grateful that our staff shares that same mindset. We always want to make sure our staff and their families are taken care of and safe before sending them on the road to help in the wake of severe weather. We also make sure they are well-equipped for the task at hand with the best equipment for the job. We have fleets of heavy-duty 4-wheel drive trucks and trailers built for extreme weather.

Service Beyond All Expectations

Across Louisiana and Texas, Total Energy Solutions has preventative maintenance agreements on over 3000 generators.  Not one of these generators failed this past week during the freezing conditions. That is a testament to the quality of the preventative maintenance plans we provide that keep them ready to run especially in dire situations like these.

This experience was something very out of the ordinary, but that is what we are here for. Total Energy Solutions prides itself on being your failsafe. When other generators were failing customers, our team worked together to get our community through the cold days and nights of the arctic blast. We were there, and we will always be there to serve you. When we say 24/7/365, we mean it.

To learn more about how we can prepare your home or business for the next power outage, contact the generator company you can trust to be there when you need them most. Contact Total Energy Solutions at (877) 835-1070 or