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Emergency Preparedness

The Role of Generators in The Telecom Industry

Anyone working within the telecom industry understands that one of their greatest challenges is keeping cell tower sites powered and in service. To keep messages and vital data getting through phone lines, you need backup and standby generators designed and installed specifically for this purpose.

Emergency power is an integral part of every tower system. When a communication or cell phone site loses power even momentarily, calls are dropped, and data flow is interrupted while ground equipment goes through the reset process. This prevents communication for both businesses and residents alike. In addition, the system is open to failures associated with startups. Battery backup and emergency generators provide uninterruptible power to prevent this issue.

What Happens to a Cell Phone Tower During a Power Outage?

When utility power is lost, a controller switches tower and ground equipment to backup battery supply. The emergency generator starts. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) routes the generator power to a controller that switches from backup battery power to emergency generator power. Once the utility power is restored, the ATS disconnects the generator power and connects the utility power to the grid. The generator enters the shutdown sequence. This description of events is a basic illustration. With larger systems, many more steps may be involved as well as additional equipment.

How Can We Help?

Total Energy Solutions can provide diesel and natural gas generators to provide the standby power needed for cell towers. They work well with critical power components such as UPS systems, rectifiers, and HVAC systems that ensure power will be continuous as the generator starts and runs up to speed. TES can also provide generators paired with sound-attenuated enclosures that reduce the noise levels for city or urban cell tower locations. We can also provide extreme weather-resistant enclosures if your tower is in an area that’s often subject to a variety of weather events.

Like most generators, the generators used at cell towers require maintenance and testing. Each generator manufacturer and model require specific maintenance. Aside from building the infrastructure needed to sustain power, Total Energy Solutions is also able to provide preventative maintenance programs tailored to each system’s unique needs. Maintenance is scheduled depending on each customer’s equipment’s specific needs.

Communication is key for communities and businesses alike. Total Energy Solutions has the power solutions you need to keep communication capabilities up and running, even when the power grid goes down. TES is here to guide you through the entire generator process. Contact us at (877) 832-1070 or to learn more.