Why Do Grocery Stores Need Generators?

Grocery stores and supermarkets have become a one-stop-shop for most of the things you need on a daily basis. Many customers choose their supermarket based on how close and convenient it is to them when they need something. As consumers, we inadvertently become loyal to a grocery store over time, because it’s always there when we need it. We become familiar with it, so we know how to find what we need quickly. However, that loyalty can shift rather quickly when severe weather hits.

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What is Fuel Polishing?

Emergency generators are perhaps the single best way to be prepared for any situation. Should something happen to cause you to lose power, your peace of mind comes from knowing you have a generator on standby. But what many people aren’t aware of is that there’s one big factor that can affect the performance of your generator and put it out of commission when you need it most. That one thing is contaminated fuel.

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Generators in Nursing Homes Save Lives

If you have ever evacuated for a hurricane you know how stressful it can be. Gathering clothes, required medications and essentials, packing up the kids and pets into the car and then sitting in traffic for 12 hours to make a 4-hour trip as you try to get as far away from the impact zone as possible. Now, imagine doing all of that, but instead of kids and pets, you are trying to evacuate elderly, sick people.

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What To Do Before a Storm

With the storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico increasing while we approach the thick of Hurricane season, we wanted to give you, your family and your company a guide on to be prepared in all aspects for an approaching storm. Preparedness is essential for dealing with the challenges of hurricane season, and it will help you and your loved ones keep peace of mind. Here’s a rundown of what you can do to remain safe and prepared before a storm is in the Gulf when it’s approaching, and during it.

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